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Academic Degrees


FCU facilitates access through price and payment conditions, and by accepting credits from formal institutions and life experience for the Bachelor’s course. Courses are offered online or in a classroom on various branches established in qualified locations or through partnerships, and might be available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Here you find all the information regarding our programs in different areas and at different levels. Click on each button bellow to get basic information about each level, and then go back to the DEGREE page to navigate on programs available for each level. Once you pick a specific program, in our list of academic degrees, you wil have access to general information and comprising courses.

Academic Year

Our Academic Year consists of 12 months of classes divided into three semesters. The on campus student can start a degree program at the beginning of each semester. Our distance learning students may start at any time with administration approval.

Semester Credit System for Academic Degrees

Our unit of credit is based on the academic hour. One semester credit consists of 15 academic hours. Our standard course is a three semester credit course that consists of 45 academic hours.

Credit Transfers for Academic Degrees

The University’s transfer policy is to accept university, college or seminary credits earned from institutions subject to administration approval. Transfer credits require a minimum grade of “C” (2.4=70% GPA). The maximum transfer credit awarded is three semester credits per course, up to the maximum of 50% of credit hours required for the FCU Bachelor degree only. Florida Christian University recognizes the sovereignty rights of each institution to accept transfer of credits. Therefore, recognition and validation of credits taken at FCU are at the sole discretion of the institution accepting those credits. The cost for every credit transferred to FCU is equivalent to 50% of the total credit cost.

Academic Degrees: Life Experience

The University may award up to a maximum of 12 semester credits for life experience applicable to a Bachelor degree only (includes six for Associate degree when awarded by FCU). Life experience credits will only be put on the transcript when student graduates with a degree from Florida Christian University and must be verified by a resume. Qualifications are: mature men and women, at least 30 years of age, with minimum verifiable five years in a profession related to the degree program applied for or in their ministry vocation.



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