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Dear Prospective Student,

There are so many challenges in life that keep us from achieving what we want to be. Imagine that you have a river in front of you. On the other side is a leafy tree with wonderful fruit waiting for you. You want to cross the river to get that delicious fruit. However, the force of the flowing water makes the passage impossible. This is what happens in our lives: we know where we would like to go, but we think there are obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goals. Now imagine that you have a rope that goes across the water and is tied to the tree. Using the rope you will be able to cross the river. All the obstacles will be overcome. All your efforts now will give you victory in crossing the river your dreams your goals.

God places so many challenges within reach of the opportunities for our life. He gives the challenges. But He also gives grace along with the opportunities. He also gives us the vision that will help us reach our objectives. He gives us the rope. If we are committed by faith the vision will help us take on the opportunities that God has given to us. This vision is the rope tied to the tree that will take us to success. Through your enrollment in our University, you are beginning a new stage in your life. To get the degree will be a challenge for you, but God will be with you, giving you the vision and ability to achieve success. Sooner than you imagine, you will be one of our victorious graduates. Welcome to our University. We trust you will find all your classes and professors challenging and enriching to your life calling as you study diligently.

Prof. Anthony B. Portigliatti, Ph.D


  • Founded in 1985, having grown from a theology seminary into a global reach university.
  • Courses are delivered in various formats allowing flexible scheduling: online, live broadcast, and in classrooms settings.
  • Programs available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • International events held regularly in the United States and in other parts of the world, for interchanging of knowledge and experiences.
  • Personal communication behavior course included in all programs, with a profile report provided to each student.
  • A network of teachers from various nationalities and professional contexts.
  • Affordable prices and accessible payment options.
  • Possibility to validate qualified life experiences to count as limited amount of course credits (Associate and Bachelor’s degree only).
  • Committed to Christian principles of life and business.



Dr. Josimelia Oliveira
Academic Affairs Coordinator

Mr. Jairton Oliveira
BA, MA (c)
Finance and Administration Coordinator

Rev. Climilton de Abreu Braga
BBA, ThM, PhD(c)
Student Services Coordinator and and MKT-Research Specialist

Bibiana Chong
Assistant Coordinator at Student Services

Priscila Soares
BA in Law, ThB, ChB
Multimedia Coordinator


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